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Top-Ups - Questions & answers

What does "to send a top-up" mean?

It means adding credit to your friends and family's pay as go mobile phones in their local country so that they can make calls, send messages and use other services.

Can I send more than one top up to the same number?

Yes! You can. Please note that for authentication purposes, top up restrictions may also apply for first time customers.

How do I know which country is available?

You can check if the country is available from the Top up box, then click SELECT COUNTRY. If the country is not available do not worry as we are constantly adding countries.

How long before the recipient's mobile phone is credited?

Immediately (Network terms and conditions apply).


My Account - Questions & answers

How to verify your account?

In order to activate your account, please make sure you verify your email address and mobile number before trying to login and execute the first top-up.
If you have troubles with your account verification, please contact us

I've forgotten my username/password.

To retrieve your username or password, please click here and follow the instructions

Cannot log in or haven't received the SMS code to verify my mobile phone.

This may be caused due to have entered an invalid mobile phone number so please email us clicking here, including the mobile number you wish to be verified.


Sending Top-Ups - Questions & answers

I have just made my first top up purchase online, how long before the recipient's mobile phone is credited?

Your first Top up may take up to 24 hours to process while your details are verified on our systems. Once your details have been confirmed, your future top ups will be processed instantly.

What if there's a problem with topping up the handset?

Please email us by clicking here.

I have mistakenly sent the credit to the wrong recipient; can this be stopped or changed?

All credits are applied instantly; once a top up is sent it cannot be retracted/refunded. We always ask you to reconfirm your destination number. Please ensure you do so carefully.

Does the recipient know who the top up is from?

The recipients are always notified that they have been credited for all transactions. Further to this, you have the option to enter a personal message where you can send a special message to the person. They will not know who has sent it unless you inform them.

Is there any reason why I would not be able to do an online top up purchase?

There are a few key reasons why you may not be able to do an online top purchase. For example, your credit/debit card has expired or there may not be enough funds available on your card to complete a transaction.

How can YOU pay and what payment methods do WE accept?

  • Use any debit/credit card via Skrill secure payment gateway
  • PayPal verified account
  • paysafecard

Q14. Are there any discount for affiliate groups or bulk orders?

Yes! please send all request clicking here.


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